• Cerberus

    Guardian of the underworld.

  • Snowy Owl

    Owl study.

  • River Spirit

    East Asian dragon from Spirited Away.

  • Mujer del Mar

    Digital portrait

  • Need a Hand?

    Hand study.

  • Purple Haze

    Digital portrait

  • Know It All

    Copic marker and micron marker.

  • Quetzalcoatl

    Deity of ancient Mesoamerica.

  • Mischief

    Digitaly painted, traditionally drawn.

  • Purple Rose

    Fun with copic markers.

  • Starfire

    Princess of Tamaran, DC Comics.

  • Yin & Yang

    Really love this one. Traditional & digital.

  • Skull Garden

    From death comes life.

  • Inner Demons

    Your inner thoughts can be cruel sometimes.

  • Armadillo Lizard

    This little guy looked pretty cool, had to draw him.

  • Aries

    Ram Study.

  • What Time Is It?

    Time to go.

  • Gone Fishing

    Hook, line and sinker.

  • Meditation

    Quiet the mind.

  • Armored Horse

    Ready for war.

  • Turn Back Time

    Antique pocket watch sketch.

  • Poison Skull

    Traditional and digital.

  • Gucci Redesign

    Layout prcatice, redesign of Gucci Ad.

  • John Hardy Redesign

    Layout prcatice, redesign of John Hardy Ad.

  • Rapunzel

    Digitial rendering.

  • Splash Character Sheet

    Splash is a character designed for MinkGrad, online learning site for children.

  • MinkGrad Homepage

    MinkGrad's homepage, online learning site for kids.

  • MinkGrad Background

    A background & character I designed for MinkGrad, online learning site for kids.

  • Playful

    Cats are so curious.

  • Underwater Otter

    Happy little otter enjoying the day.

  • Mother

    Hold on little one.

  • Animal Sketchs

    Wild animal drawings.

  • Birds

    Some bird sketches.

  • Blu

    Blu, Blue Sky's "Rio".

  • Creature of the Outback

    Creature design, combination of an alligator, kangaroo and tiger.

  • Life is a Canvas

    A beautiful quote inspired this.

  • Graffiti

    Traditional, copic markers.