• Halloween Cats

    Digitaly painted, traditionally drawn.

  • Cunning Fox

    Copic marker and micron marker.

  • Quetzalcoatl

    Deity of ancient Mesoamerica.

  • Inner Demons

    Your inner thoughts can be cruel sometimes.

  • Purple Rose

    Fun with copic markers.

  • Mouse & Clock

    Hickory Dickory Dock.

  • Poison Skull

    Traditional and digital.

  • Yin & Yang

    Really love this one. Traditional & digital.

  • Armored Horse

    Ready for war.

  • Deer Girl

    Cute fantasy creature.

  • Demon Fox

    A little skewed but kind of cool.

  • Ram Skull

    Aries are the best.

  • Chopped

    Time to get cooking.

  • Mama Hen

    Los pollitos dicen pio pio pio.

  • Gucci Redesign

    Layout prcatice, redesign of Gucci Ad.

  • John Hardy Redesign

    Layout prcatice, redesign of John Hardy Ad.

  • Turn Back Time

    Antique pocket watch sketch.

  • Battle Camp Contest

    Photoshop coloring contest for Battle Camp App, won 3rd place.

  • MinkGrad Homepage

    MinkGrad's homepage, online learning site for kids.

  • MinkGrad Background

    A background & character I designed for MinkGrad, online learning site for kids.

  • MinkGrad Flashcard Game

    Alphabet flashcard game.

  • Splash Character Sheet

    Splash is a character designed for MinkGrad, online learning site for kids.

  • PieToss Game

    Game scene for MinkGrad's Pie Toss game.

  • Starfire

    Sketch of Starfire from DC Comics.

  • Armadillo Lizard

    This little guy looked pretty cool, had to draw him.

  • "It's to die for" Lion King

    The Lion King is my all time favorite Disney movie, love this scene with scar.

  • Dreamworks

    Marina, Tulio and Miguel from Dreamworks.

  • Eris

    Eris goddess of chaos,from Dreamworks Sinbad.

  • Little Kitten

    Cats are such curious little animals.

  • Rabbit

    Currious little rabbit.

  • Underwater Otter

    Happy little otter enjoying the day.

  • Rapunzel Sketch

    I love this scene from Tangled.

  • Rapunzel Colored

    Colored in Photoshop.

  • Animal Sketch

    Just felt like drawing some random animals.

  • Birds

    Some bird sketches.

  • Blu

    Blu from Rio.

  • Creature of the Outback

    Creature that I designed in art class. Combination of an alligator, kangaroo and tiger.

  • Roran Character Sheet

    Charater that I created in my art class. Roran the robot dragon.

  • Life is a Canvas

    I saw this quote and felt like adding some flare to it.

  • Graffiti 1

    Done in copic markers.